Cronin's Ice Cream, Inc. 

At Cronin's we understand that investing in a freezer can be a big financial commitment for your business. We therefore offer a variety of freezers for lease, rental, or purchase. From chest freezers, to dipping cabinets or standing freezers, we are happy to discuss the best option for your business. Browse below to find the right freezer for you, or call us at 978-475-3804. 

Equipment Services

For a limited time, customer who purchase SoCo creamery products have the opportunity to participate in their freezer rebate program, detailed on our promotions page. Send us a message on theContact Us page or call us at  (978)-475-3804 to find out more.

Find the Freezer that's right for you!

FreezerDescriptionSpec Sheet
Ojeda CHP125D8-flavor freezer w/sliding-glass top, dipping cabinetSpecifications
Ojeda 8 Flavor Dip
8-flavor dipping cabinet
C. Nelson BDmany sizes available; double and single row "treasure chest" dipping cabinets Specifications
C. Nelson BD-DIPmany sizes available; display dipping cabinetsSpecifications
C. Nelson DIP-HV8, 12, or 16 cu. ft.; high visibility dipping cabinets (gelato case)Specifications
Kelvinator KCNF070QW7 cu.ft. chest freezer w/ sliding-glass  topSpecifications
Kelvinator KCNF160QW16 cu.ft. chest freezer w/ sliding-glass  top
Kelvinator KCNF180QW
17 cu.ft. chest freezer w/ sliding-glass  top
Kelvinator KCCF070QW7 cu.ft. flip-top chest freezer 
Kelvinator KCCF160QW16 cu.ft flip-top chest freezer
Kelvinator KCCF180QW
18 cu.ft. flip-top chest freezer
Kelvinator KCCF220QW
22 cu.ft flip-top chest freezerSpecifications 
Kelvinator  KCGM9F9 cu.ft. standing glass door merchandiserSpecifications