Cronin's Ice Cream, Inc. 

In Our Home Town: 

Visit a local Andover retailer- Dinner By Dish- where you can find ice cream pies, gelato, sorbetto, ice cream pints, and specialty items, sold by Cronin's!

The Marilyn Cronin Discount: 

Our grandmother, Marilyn Cronin, was a teacher in the Andover school system for over 30 years. In her honor, we offer special discounts to schools and PTO groups for ice cream purchases and ice cream social events. Mention Marilyn when you call our office to receive a discount on your purchase!

​​​​For a limited time, SoCo Creamery is offering a freezer program for their Grab-N-Go cups. SoCo will offer a $300 rebate with the purchase of a freezer to showcase their 5-oz cups.  Call us to cash in on this great deal on a local, all-natural product. 

Cronin's Sales and Promotions

For new customers, Cronin's is offering a a free case of a new flavor with a second order of SoCo Creamery products. This is a great way to sock your freezer with a new flavor!

If you are interested in any of our current promotions, please call our headquarters at 978-475-3804 to apply them to your order

For New Customers: 

During the month of April, Cronin's is offering a 15% Bill back on pint cases, boxes and trays from  SoCo Creamery

For the month of May, Cronin's is offering a Buy-one, Get-one on SoCo Creamery's newly re-designed Grab and Go cups!

From our Vendors: